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We are Nogtrend Assistants

We are your very own smart virtual helping hand when:

  • You've got so much work on your hands.
  • You've got tasks that you don't enjoy doing.
  • You've got works that you don't know how to do
  • You've got works that you don't have enough time to handle

What We can do

We are Virtual Assistants – which is kind of like Freelance PA's – who work with small businesses and individuals doing tasks they either don’t know how to do, don’t like doing, or don’t want to do so they’re freed up to get on with something elsee

Basic Graphic Design

We put every ounce of creative juice into each design project thereby helping you look professional, get noticed and save time while still on budget.We can design Logos, Business cards, flyers, posters, signage, advertising, trade show banners, website Banners, Facebook banners, infographics, etc.

Website Design

We help the business ecosystem maintain an online presence and also ensure that the websites remain attractive to customers and operate smoothly. All our websites are User-friendly, Attractive, Search Engine Optimized for page ranking in Google, Linked to social media like Facebook, Twitter, etc..

Social Media Management

We can help you maintain a robust social presence without having to ignore other tasks that are important to your business. They undertake the task of creating social media profiles on platforms such as google+, Linkedin, facebook, twitter, instagram, reddit etcetera.


We can take care of your: E-commerce listing creation and optimization, Order processing, eCommerce Inventory management, Customer service, photo editing & re-sizing, competitor analysis and market research Other marketplace & e-commerce tasks

Online Research

We can research and summarize our findings on any number of researchable topics -- from flight and travel options, industry news, academic works, niche influencers, new competitors in the marketplace, and background information for speeches..

Data Entry

We can handle the following: Preparing, compiling, and sorting out data, checking data for accuracy Updating data, checking completed work for accuracy, Maintaining records of activities and tasks, presenting data in required formats..

Our Pricing

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Tasks for upto 1 Hour
No Credit card required.

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Bronze Package

Tasks for upto 5 Hours

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Silver Package

Tasks for upto 10 Hours

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Gold Package

Tasks for upto 50 Hours

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